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Adoption Application


Complete all of the fields below if you are interested in adopting one of the animals at the Williams County Humane Society.  We will get back with you as soon as possible. Please call the WCHS @ 419-636-2200 if you have questions. 

What type of property do you reside ?

Do you currently Rent or Own ?

If you currently rent,or land contract please include landlord's name and phone number.

Enter number of people living in home

Are You Employed ?


Please enter the name of the person responsible for the primary care of the animal

Do you have a fenced yard ?

Will the Dog / Cat be kept inside or outside?

If animal will be kept outside, please describe the location

Please list any other animals you have had within the past 5 years

Please list any other animals living in the home

Are your other animals, currently living in the home spayed or neutered ?

Who is your current or future vetrinarian ?

Are your current animals all up to date on shots?

What would you do if your animal went potty in your house or destroyed your furniture ?

Are you aware that the animal that you want to adaopt will have to be re-potty trained due to them being in cages during the day?

I have read, understand and agree with the WCHS Mandatory Spaying-Neutering Policy.

Please confirm that you agree or disagree with above policy

Please enter the name and contact information of a personal reference.

Please enter the name and contact information of a second personal reference.

Thanks for submitting!

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