We welcome you to the WCHS Volunteer page. We are looking for volunteers who are committed, caring and responsible to truly make a difference in the lives of the abandoned and homeless animals in our care.  We need friendly outgoing and personable volunteers to work with and assist our staff at the shelter, off site adoptions and at fund raisers. 


Volunteers are vitally important to our work of saving the animals. Each task you perform, adds up to a significant contribution to the mission of our shelter in saving lives. Volunteers help us to enrich the lives of the animals housed at the shelter, provide quality service to the public and promote responsible pet ownership.


We have a multitude of volunteer positions that you can choose from to help give the animals a new lease on life. Below we have listed some of the positions available:


It’s easy to become a WCHS volunteer! Just fill out the volunteer application form (Attached Form Below) and email it to wchs123@gmail.com or drop it off at WHCS facility. 

Animal Care Supporters.  Duties include assisting staff with the care of animals, cleaning kennels, washing food & water bowls, laundry, rotating dogs into the outside kennels.  This position is critical for the health of the animals and to ensure the kennels are in a presentable condition for the public.


Animal Caregivers -  These responsibilities include socializing, exercising, playing & bathing the animals.  Shelter dogs & cats need lots of one on one attention to help them become comfortable with their environment. A person in this position greatly contributes in making the animal more adoptable.


Dog Trainers -  Responsibilities for this position are to transport dogs & take basic obedience training classes at Northwest Dog Training Facility in Montpelier.  The classes are normally 6 weeks long and are 1 hour on Wednesday evenings they consist of working with a dog to teach basic obedience training.  This is a very rewarding position and a dog with basic obedience training has a much greater chance of going to a new home.


Admin/Office Staff - Will assist the shelter/office with data entry, phone support, greeting visitors, filing and other office duties.  This is an essential position in keeping the shelter running smoothly and well organized. Paperwork for intake and adoption of animals.


Animal Transporters - We often need “taxi” drivers to help us transport our animals to local vets and back for spay or neutering to adoption events or groomers.  Every one of our animals that are spayed & neutered ensures a healthier, happier pet plus controls over population.


Fund Raising & Special Events - Fund raising events are the life line of our shelter’s existence. Volunteers are needed to assist with membership drive, plan and assist with special events, craft or bake for special events, assist with mailings etc...

Special Services -          In an effort to defray administrative costs WCHS is seeking out professionals to offer their services on an in-kind basis.  By doing this WCHS can use more of its funds to help the animals in return the professionals and businesses will receive recognition from WCHS.  Services that are needed include: Designs for brochures, newsletters, posters, flyers etc... Photography to be used in promotional pieces, brochures, etc...


Website Maintenance -  Photograph animals and keep our Pet finders, FaceBook and other social media sites & blogs updated and to expand our network of friends & supporters online.


Building Maintenance -  If you are handy in the buildings & ground trades we welcome your expertise in improvements and repairs of the facility and grounds.  Keeping our facility looking great makes for a better experience for the public and increases the opportunities for adoption.


Grant Writers -  As a Non-Profit Organization we need to apply for grants that will help give us the means to continue to care for our animals. We have a list of grants that we qualify for and need the expertise to write them.


Groomers -  We sometimes take in some animals that are severely matted and need a “professional” touch to perk them up and cuten them up for their new home!


Volunteers will be asked to attend a 1 hour orientation where you can learn our policies, procedures and programs learn about basic animal behaviors and gain a thorough understanding of the many ways you can truly help the animals and ultimately help find homes for the animals in our care.


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Volunteers are vitally important to our work of saving the animals. Each task you perform, adds up to a significant contribution to the mission of our shelter in saving lives.


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